This is The Best Diet for Weight Loss

Looking to lose weight fastly? It’s impossible. You can’t lose a significant amount of weight in just two to three months. You can, if you follow those unhealthy crash diets that force you to cut out a lot of your favorite foods. And once you give up and stop, your lost weight came right back in just a split second. Healthily losing weight, in a range of five to six months, however, is not impossible. And the only diet that suits this is surprisingly based on a disease that is caused by following crash diets!

lemonsThe Acid Reflux Diet

Yes, acid reflux. It is a fancy name for that disease that causes you to have heartburns all the time, up to the point that you feel a lump in your throat after you eat. Acid reflux is a very serious disease because it causes your body’s immune system to lower and your food isn’t digested properly. The acid reflux diet is focused on foods that are neutral or lower in acid, and foods that will not trigger the acidity in the stomach.

When you eat, the acid will be exerted to digest the food. However, too much acid can rise to your heart and eventually travel up the esophagus. The acid reflux diet tells you to cut out on highly acidic and gassy food and drinks, such as lemons, tomatoes, carbonated drinks, etc. It also tells you to cut down on high-fat foods such as oily food and creamy based foods, along with strong spices such as chili.

Why it’s The Best Diet

It’s the best diet because you don’t have to starve, and you can still consume most of the food that you consume every day. The acid reflux diet requires you to eat in smaller portions every four hours. So you have your breakfast, brunch, lunch, tea-time, and dinner. You can even have a snack three hours before bed. You are forbidden from being hungry, but also, from feeling full. Just eat until it’s enough, and stop. When you feel slightly hungry, eat again. It isn’t torturous at all.

saladHow to Start The Acid Reflux Diet

You can start the acid reflux diet by portioning your meals before cutting out all the food that you’re supposed to cut out. Portion control is the most critical part of this diet. When you’ve got portion control handled, you can start cutting out the acidic food first, then the high-fat meal, then everything altogether. Do a lot of research and consult with a nutritionist first before doing this diet.

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