The process of turning shatter into e-liquids on vape pens

Do you enjoy taking Cannabis extracts vapor? Then you must have understood how difficult it is to take it instantly. Marijuana patients are the most affected because they have to take the extracts as their medication despite where they might be. Most people used to carry dab rig around them to enable them to take the extracts, but this has proved ineffective. The vapor pens that were designed for evaporating wax have been messy all along. You need to learn how to turn shatter into vape juice using vape pens. This will improve your smoking experience.

Reasons why you need to use Vapor pens to turn your shatter into e-liquids


One of the greatest reasons why you need to try vapor pens is because of their flavors. It maintains the original taste of the shatter that you used at first. The vapor pens produce so many flavors that make your shatter to taste like a fruit drink. John Medford is considering expanding his product range soon and will update on their website.

Cost effectiveness

If you want to turn your shatter into e-liquids, then you are likely to save much on cost. For instance, it may take you over a month to use 5 grams of shatter. But when you turn the same to e-juice, it may take you over two weeks to consume one gram, showing that total duration of consumption is almost doubled.

Enhances your freedoman holding liquidm

It is easier for your to get busted when you are dabbing using a vape pen by police. But when you turn your shatter into e-juice there is no way a police officer can tell what you are vaping whether Cannabis extracts or infused e-juice. This allows you to travel the world without fear of being busted.

The process of converting shatter into e-juice is pretty simple. It can easily be done using a stove or a microwave. It only takes a few minutes to get all the shatter melted and stirring ensures the uniformity of the blend produced. The entire process may take a minimum of 15 minutes to get it completed.

The whole concept of turning shatter into e-liquids has been so helpful to Marijuana patients who used to carry rigs to take cannabis extracts. It has greatly saved them on cost they used to incur to get their favorite medication.

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