The Benefits of Foot Reflexology


The foot reflexology refers to the application of appropriate pressure to the specific parts of the feet. The particular parts of the feet correspond to the different body systems and organs. The Facebook page provides lots of information on foot reflexology.

According to the foot reflexologists, pressing these particular points is beneficial to the linked body systems and organs and the general health. For instance, it is said that the arch of the foot corresponds to the bladder point. Therefore, by a foot reflexologist applying appropriate pressure on the arch of the foot the functioning of the bladder will also be affected.

Feet reflexology explained


It is critical to point out that the foot reflexology is not used to either cure or diagnose the health disorders. It is, however, used by millions of people around the world to complement the other treatments when addressing different conditions.
Some of these health status include PMS, sinusitis, the functioning of the kidney, headaches, diabetes, heart problem, cancer treatment, asthma, and anxiety. The foot reflexology is on a steady growth especially in Asia and Europe as a preventive measure as well as a complement to other types of medication.

In Denmark for instance since the early 1990s, different firms and municipalities have hired the services of the reflexologists.

Reduced cases

According to various studies in Denmark, such companies and municipalities that have hired foot reflexologists have had a considerable reduction in employee absenteeism and those taking sick leave. The workers have also reported having improved from the medical conditions that they were initially suffering from. Many people have undergone this therapy have also said to have recovered from different problems that are related to stress.

The reflexology points and areas

According to the reflexology theory, there are specific areas and points of the feet that correspond to the particular body system, bones, and organs. The other reflexology areas and points in the human body are found in the ears and hands. However, reflex points linking specific areas differ from one person to another.

This is evident from the maps of reflex points obtained from different practitioners. However, they all agree on the major reflex areas. There is also the scientific proof that links the internal organs to some parts of the skin.

The left and the right foot have different reflex points that link them to the various body organs. The liver, for instance, is said to be connected to a particular area on the right foot. The left foot corresponds to the left part of the body part and all the organs and valves on the left.…

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