The Link Between Astrology and Healing

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We stumble upon lots of references in the Indian old literature regarding a relationship between astrology and probable timing of ailments. Prescriptions for treatment of disease were complete with the consolidated help of astrology and Ayurveda. Lots of classics declare that the expert medicine-men of the past were also skilled astrologers.

At that time, the only system of medication known to man was Ayurveda. There were some other systems similar to Ayurveda outside India also. All systems depended on plant and animal species, stones and other materials for prep work of the medication. The Allopathic and the homeopathic systems developed after a long period and both were helped by laboratory tests and research study. The very same degree of accuracy can not be asserted for diagnosis of a condition on the basis of the horoscope of an individual. However, a relationship exists in between the timing of an illness and planetary impacts that a skilled astrologer can discover from a duly-cast horoscope.

The practitioners of Ayurveda in the past took help from astrology in these matters. Vedic astrology is special as it advocates restorative measures in the form of propitiation of worlds also in case of occurrence of a condition.

Vedic astrology can assist in the following good manners.

Probable timing of the disease: An astrologer can time the start of a condition even before the occurrence of the illness by seeing the planetary combinations in the horoscope and using the “Dasa” system and the transit. This is the location of strength for an astrologer that a medical professional may not have the ability to do. An astrologer can likewise anticipate about the type of condition and the organs likely to be influenced by the illness.

Diagnosis of illness: Astrological classics do point to combinations that can cause specific health problems as per the horoscope. However, thiscan be better done by a medical professional. An astrologer can offer valuable inputs sometimes. However, the area of medical diagnosis is the strength of the doctor. In this field, they appear to score over an astrologer.

Extent of a disease: This area can be managed by both astrologers in addition to doctors. Astrologers can comprehend the extent of the disease by evaluating the degree of a condition of planets triggering the disorders and by cross-checking the result with the ongoing “Dasa” and prevalent transits.

Treatment: The medical solutions these days are much more exceptional, and reliable compared with astrological remedies. Nevertheless, astrology can help as a preventive tool. It makes an individual mindful of the problems beforehand so that he can take preventive steps. He can take steps for weakening the impact of the disease by resorting to approaches recommended by astrological classics. Such methods are often extremely helpful. Surgical operations are likewise not 100 % effective, and views of competent astrologers can be taken in such matters.…

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