How to Avoid Pimples and Ingrowth Hair After Shaving

No matter what part of the body you are shaving, one is prone to pimples and ingrowth hair if you do not observe some caution. The skin is sensitive and will quickly get damaged during shaving. However, people cannot stay without shaving as it is a way to maintain a high level of hygiene and prevent bad odor. Women like shaving their pubic area, the armpits, and legs while men shave the beard all the time. Every person wants to know how to keep the pimples and ingrowth at bay. Here we will discuss all the tips that you need to know.

Treat Isolated Pimple or Hair Growth Immediately

If left without treatment, it contains pus that can spread on the skin and cause more infection. The ingrowth hair may disappear after some time, but it leaves behind a scar that people do not want. Therefore, it is best to apply medication after removing the pus and cleaning the surrounding area with an antiseptic ointment.

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Use Shaving Foam or Cream

High-quality shaving cream or foam goes a long way to prevent pimples and hair ingrowth. What most people do not know is that skin is light and sensitive to the blade. Again, the skin can also react to creams and lotions that use harsh chemicals. The cream reduces friction and ensures that the blade does not cut too deep into the skim to cause a hair ingrowth. When rinsing the foam, use warm water to sooth the skin.

Use Aftershave Lotion

Whether you use a shaving cream or not, the skin will have some micro damages and inflammation. This is where the aftershave lotion comes to sooth the skin. The high-quality aftershave cream also contains antiseptic qualities to avoid any infection that may occur. According to skin experts, people who use these products after shaving are less likely to get pimples and hair ingrowth on any part of the body that they shave.

Use the Right Shaving Tools

The commonly used tools include the electric shaver and the razor. Both have come up with the latest technologies that make shaving easier and safer. While buying one, you need to focus on those that are suitable for your skin type. The manufacturer’s description will always contain this. Additionally, it is crucial to understand how they work and when they need changing. Do not force to use an old razor or electric shaver as it will cause irritation, pimples and hair ingrowth.

Avoid Shaving Mistakes

Even with the best tools and cosmetic products, shaving mistakes will always cause problems. Avoid applying too much pressure on the skin, especially when using a razor. It will cut too deep into the skin and cause problems almost immediately. Another mistake to avoid is dry shaving. As mentioned earlier, the skin is sensitive to friction and cuts from the blades. That is why one must prevent this by the use of the shaving cream. When all these tips are used, then pimples and hair ingrowths will always be kept at bay.

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