Alternative Medicine: Exactly what Is It?

alternative medicine drinkWhat is alternative medicine? It is an expression that has been used with an increasing number in the media, the book shops, and progressively, the physician’s workplace, however how typically does anybody say what alternative medication is?

Theoretically, alternative medicine is any form of medication that does not fit with in the scientific structure of western medicine. When a form of medicine has been shown medically efficient, and a theory has been identified to discuss in the language of western medication why it works, it must no longer be considered alternative .

Unfortunately, after the theory comes the politics. In reality, in the United States, alternative medication is any kind of medicine that has not been accepted as clinically legitimate by the American Medical Association and the United States Government. In other nations different officials will determine what is and is not alternative medicine. In the United States, massage is alternative medicine. In Canada massage is conventional medicine, and as such.


Would you believe that according the US government’s National Center for Complementary and Alternaive Medicine, vitamins are a complementary or alternative medication (depending upon how they are used) that have not yet been verified to have any greater effect on the human body then a placebo? Personally, I wish to understand if they would like to be treated for scurvy with a placebo. I’ll stick with vitamin C. There are theoretical usages for vitamins that have not yet been totally shown, but that does not make the proven results any less scientifically legitimate.

alternative-medicine oilsAt the same time, just because somebody claims what they offer is medication does not make it real. Organic supplements are not controlled, and may not fully reveal their ingredients. They certainly will not inform you about any dangerous substances with your heart medication!

Obviously, you can ask a specialist, however keep in mind that there are many type of alternative medications, an acupuncturist is not necessarily practiced in herbs, and your medical care physician probably won’t be trained in any of them.

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